Artykuły - EN (4575)

  • Notice on transaction in issuer’s securities

    UNI - EN REPORT No11/2017Avia Solutions Group AB (the Company) hereby announces that on 24 August 2017 the Company has received: - the notification on transaction concluded by the manager of the Company (member of the Management Board) – Mr Aurimas Sanikovas (please, refer to Annex). Annex: Notification on the transaction in issuer’s securities concluded by the manager of Avia Solutions Group, AB (Mr Aurimas Sanikovas), 23.08.2017. Avia Solutions Group AB CFO Aurimas Sanikova
  • Information on transaction made by the obliged person

    UNI - EN REPORT No63/2017The notification is enclosed hereto.
  • Director/PDMR Shareholding

    UNI - EN REPORT No32/2017International Personal Finance plc is updating the market via this report regarding Director/PDMR shareholdings. Full details are given in the accompanying document.
  • Appendix 3B – Issue of Convertible Note

    UNI - EN REPORT No29/2017Prairie Mining Limited (Company) advises that it has issued a convertible loan note (Loan Note) with a principal amount of $2,627,430, convertible into 5,711,805 ordinary shares at a conversion price of $0.46 per share. The Loan Note is unsecured, non-interest bearing and has no expiry date. Please refer to announcement dated 6 July 2017 for further details. For further information, please contact: Prairie Mining Limited Tel: +

    UNI - EN REPORT No28/2017 Prairie receives spatial development plan approval for the Jan Karski Mine site  Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture approves rezoning of 56 hectares of agricultural land for industrial use to allow for construction of a mine site, shafts and associated surface infrastructure  Jan Karski is now one of the most advanced new large scale coking coal projects in the Northern Hemisphere  Prairie notes the current strong coking coal price environment with spot m
  • Voting Rights Announcement

    UNI - EN REPORT No22/2017
  • Holding(s) in Company

    UNI - EN REPORT No31/2017International Personal Finance plc has been informed by the shareholder shown in the document which accompanies this report of a change in the number of voting rights held by that shareholder. Full details are given in the accompanying document.
  • Results of Meeting

    UNI - EN REPORT No27/2017A General Meeting of the Company was held today, 17 August 2017, at 11.00am (WST). The resolutions voted on were in accordance with the Notice of General Meeting previously advised to all shareholders. In accordance with Section 251AA of the Corporations Act 2001, the following information is provided: 1.Approval of issue of Convertible Note under the Subscription Agreement Passed unanimously on a show of hands Votes For: 21,796,138 Against: - Ab
  • Notification

    UNI - EN REPORT No59/2017Sopharma AD notifies that on 2 August 2017 Sopharma AD acquired 1537 shares from the capital of Unipharm AD as a result of filed requests under the provisions of art. 177b from the LOPS. We kindly remind all shareholders of Unipharm AD who did not take part in the tender offering extended by Sopharma AD that they have the right to that their shares be redeemed until 19 September 2017. The request must be in writing and contain information about the shareholder
  • Acquisition of treasury shares

    UNI - EN REPORT No31/2017With a reference to the public notice from 28 July 2017, Krka is publicly disclosing information on transactions relating to buy-back programme in the period from 28 July 2017 up to and including 14 August 2017. Krka acquired 11,256 treasury shares in the total value of EUR 617,522 on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange as follows: - on 28 July: 2,288 shares at an average weighted price of EUR 54.98, - on 31 July: 1,997 shares at an average weighted pric