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  • Portal Wikileaks zdjęty z serwerów Amazon.com

    Portal Wikileaks został zmuszony do rezygnacji z korzystania z serwerów Amazon.com po rozmowie przedstawicieli Kongresu USA z kierownictwem Amazon na temat związków z Wikileaks - poinformował w środę niezależny senator ze stanu Connecticut Joe Lieberman.
  • 24th August; 11:00

    Peru At least 37 people died and 52 survived when a jetliner crashed during a storm only seconds from landing in Peru's Amazon basin, officials said as rescue efforts were halted overnight at the rugged crash site. Mideast Israel said all its soldiers would be out of the Gaza Strip within a month, bringing an end to four decades of occupation after the historic pullout of Jewish settlers from the Palestinian territory. Mideast Israel and Egypt have reached an agreem